There Are Many Assistance Programs Available To Help Future Homeowners Buy Their First Home,

But the first step to qualifying for these programs is to thoroughly assess your credit report and fix the things that may be stopping you from getting pre-approved.

The First Step to Getting Pre-Approved For A Home Loan Is a Good Credit Score.

One of the first things a lender is going to look at is your credit report and score.
They are checking for late payments, collections, charge-offs, and several other things. 
We can quickly analyze your report to see what the lenders are going to check for and come up with a plan to get the item that are inaccurate, incomplete or unverifiable fixed or deleted BEFORE seeking pre-approval for a home loan. 
Once your credit has improved and your score has increased, you can confidently go speak with your lender.












Credit Building Tips & Advice

Educate on The Home Buying Process

We Will Be With You All The Way!

We Can Help With...


Credit Analyzation

Analyzation of your credit report to discover which credit challenges are stopping you from getting pre-approved for a home loan.

Track & Manage

We will manage and keep track of each account to make sure all inaccurate accounts have received the attention they need and are processed in a timely manner.

Action Plan


Develop a strategic action plan to fix inaccurate negative and derogatory accounts, which in return will increase your credit score!

Handle Obstacles

Often times accounts have to be disputed more than once. It may take disputing with the 3 bureaus, collection agencies, or creditors up to 6 times. They are not your friend and they will try hard to discourage you from truly fixing your credit. But we know what it takes to combat their effort to stop you.

Handle Disputes


No need for you to worry about what you should say in your dispute letters. We will handle all dispute letters with the credit bureaus, collection agencies and creditors and send them out on your behalf.


We will work hard for you, so that you will achieve the results you need to get pre-approved for a home loan. We cannot guarantee results because each case is different. However, we do guarantee to work hard on your behalf & keep you updated. We feel confident that after you complete the program you will get per-approved for a home loan.

Consultation - $20.00

  • Discuss what's going on with your credit.

  • Discuss your goals

  • Discuss where you are now and the best way to get you where you want to be.

  • Discuss how Foundation Credit Solutions can help you.

  • Answer your questions and concerns about the credit improvement process and/or the home buying process.

  • If you are looking for someone who will be 100% transparent with you, will work hard on your behalf and have your best interest in mind schedule a free consultation today.

  • If you sign up for our monthly services, your first month will only be $69.00 instead of $89.00.

Plan 1 - $89.00/Month

  • If you are hoping to buy a house within the next 12 months or less, this is the plan for you!

  • We will create a step-by-step action plan to help you reach your credit goals

  • Our Plan Includes:

  • Credit Counseling

  • Accountability Partner

  • Disputing inaccurate, incomplete and unverifiable accounts,

  • Showing you how to stop charge-off's and collections from holding you back.

  • Debt Settlement

  • Putting Positive accounts back on your report

  • Credit Education

  • Homebuying Education

  • Going over debt to income ratio

  • 1-on-1 zoom meeting to discuss your progress, your time to ask questions and to discuss the next best steps.

  • Matching you with a lender and real estate agent if needed.

  • and more!

Plan 2 - $199/Month

  • Everything that is included in plan 1 PLUS

  • Working on:

  • Bankruptcy

  • Repossessions

  • Student Loans

  • Foreclosure

  • Sending dispute letters out via certified mail.

  • If the bureaus or collection agencies continuously refuse to fix or delete inaccurate, incomplete or unverifiable information we will seek out the assistance of an attorney to enforce your rights to have only accurate information reported on your credit report.

  • We will try to find you a lawyer who will not charge you to take on your case.

  • Please note this plan may take longer than plan 1 to complete. It all depends on the severity of the information on your credit report.


Here Are The Steps

We will arrange a time to meet in person for the consultation meeting.


After you have received an understanding of how our program works and how the step-by-step action plan can help you, If you decide to move forward you will be asked to sign up for credit monitoring with a third party company.  You can choose your own or we can recommend one to you.  This is what we will use to monitor your credit accounts and scores.

We will also email you our electronic client agreement documents to sign.

After receiving your credit reports, we will then perform a credit evaluation and create an action plan that will pin point what needs to be fixed and what needs to be done to raise your credit score.


We will meet in person or via zoom where we will look at your credit report together, discuss the evaluation, and go over the action plan and the steps needed to improve your credit with you.


If You Decide To Move Forward With Our Credit Improvement Service

We will get to work on your behalf. 

*If you do everything we advise you to do and you do not get ANY positive results within the first 6 months we will refund all of the monthly fees that you paid. This does not include the credit monitoring fees.


*Also, you can cancel this program at any time. You are under no obligation.


*The client agreement that we will email you will cover the full details and terms, You can also find details and terms here.

During The Consultation

We will discuss where you are and what it is going to take to get your credit score where it needs to be.

Develop An Action Plan

Our proven methods will be put into place from the very start to work on bringing you the changes you are hoping for.

Celebrate The Results

If you work with us and follow our plan, in 3 to 6 months you could be celebrating that you are now ready to get pre-approved for your new home.

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Customer Testimony

"Denise has a great feel for the market and is an astute negotiator. Her advise is on point and she gets more than above average results. She is locally raised and highly intelligent, has a great sense of timeliness and readily recognizes home values. She gets great, fast, and on time results!"

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